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Benefits of Telemarketing Follow-up Campaigns

Marketing is a process of building a relationship and trust with your prospects. Through marketing and over time, people become familiar with your company as they learn more about the products/services you provide. A key way to achieve this to adopt a follow-up methodology to any marketing you undertake.

Follow-up campaigns mean that you get in touch with your prospects after you have broadcast your marketing to them. This is a tried and tested method that helps set you apart from your competition in the eyes of your prospects. While many emails or leaflets can be forgotten, following up helps keep you fresh in the mind of your prospects.

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of telemarketing follow-up campaigns. This is especially effective following an email marketing campaign and adopts a cross channel marketing philosophy.

Make your company stick in the memory of your prospects

People view multiple pieces of marketing every day. This can be through their email, on social media, on the television etc. So how do you truly stand out in this busy environment? Many companies will send their marketing and then just let people get in touch if they so wish. While this strategy can work and does work for many businesses, there is a risk of prospects forgetting you.

Many people will quickly scan an email and then move on to their next task. For many businesses, this means they are quickly swept under the carpet and forgotten about. A telemarketing follow-up is therefore an essential piece of marketing that helps to prevent this. Emails are tracked so the company is able to see who has opened and clicked on the email HTML. Through telemarketing, you can get in touch with these records who have shown a greater interest in your business. An experienced and highly skilled telemarketer can pitch the benefits of your business to these prospects, making your business more memorable than a competitor who does not follow-up.

Building Trust and Increasing Reputation

It is one thing to receive an email that is good looking and professional. However, to hear a voice behind the company and to be able to speak to someone is on another level. This comes back to the human factor in telemarketing which we have discussed previously. Telemarketing helps to build trust in your company as your prospects are able to put a voice to the company they have been hearing about.

Through a telemarketing follow-up campaign, prospects can have any queries answered by the telemarketer. Additionally, they can find out any information that may not have been on the HTML. This increases trust and confidence in your business, making it more likely that this person will purchase from you when they are in a position to do so. Rapport is highly effective so speaking with your prospects and answering any questions really helps you stand out.

Sales Tool

The overall goal of your business is to make money. Being proactive with your prospects and customers is a crucial way of achieving this. A telemarketing follow-up call shows that you care about your prospects as you are going an extra step to ensure that they know everything they need to and provide them with an opportunity to find out more. This will help result in more high quality leads and/or appointments for your team. On the call, part of the pitch can be to arrange a meeting, demo, Skype call etc which is a lead for your sales team to close. The purpose of the call should be to secure the next stage of commitment from the prospect.

This is crucial for helping you stand out and ultimately, gaining a sale from these prospects. Many of your competitors will not be doing this, giving you a competitive advantage.

Well trained sales staff will conduct follow-up calls. However, they will not leave it too late or call too often. Leaving too long between marketing messages increases the risks of being forgotten or missing the sale. Furthermore, calling too often runs the risk of irritating the prospect, which can also prevent a sale. In these instances, your competitors will win the business. While it is crucial that you take a proactive approach, you do not want to be perceived as pushy.


Telemarketing can yield highly impressive results for businesses. There are many factors to its success including the callers on the campaign, the script, the timing of the call etc. Following an email campaign, telemarketing to clickers and openers can help build excellent rapport and help you stand out from your competitors.

Impact Marketing have been providing both email marketing and telemarketing services for our clients for many years. Our in-house team take the time to learn your business so that all marketing we undertake on your behalf has the greatest impact. We are able to offer a cross-channel solution where our in house call centre can follow-up on interested records following an email campaign. Through lead nurturing, we can generate high quality leads for your sales team to close.

If you would like more information about our marketing services, get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your marketing requirements further and advise on the best course of action.

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