Specialist Databases

At Impact Marketing we have built and developed a number of unique specialist databases in house. These therefore allow us to target individuals who make the final buying decision on the products and services that you sell. As a result, this gives you the competitive edge over your competition while ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Our specialist databases can largely increase your brand awareness.

We are able to filter and select the data by:

  • What they buy
  • When they buy
  • How much they spend
  • Their geographic location

Below are the specialist databases we currently hold and manage. Feel free to have a look, or alternatively call one of our advisers on 0800 999 8030 for a chat about your current marketing.

Specialist Insurance Database

Impact Marketing own and have exclusive access to a unique insurance database which has been built and managed in-house. As a result, this is the UK’s largest motor vehicle database comprising of in-depth information on over 1 million consumer vehicles. We can therefore offer a unique marketing solution, unavailable anywhere else.

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Specialist Construction Database

Impact Marketing have built a specialist database for the construction and utility sectors. As a result, we can get you in front of the people who buy, hire and rent plant, lifting and access equipment. This database is exclusive to Impact Marketing and is therefore, not available anywhere else on the market.

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Health and Safety Decision Maker Database

One of the specialist data files that Impact own and manage is an exclusive health and safety decision maker list. This lists contains businesses UK wide, with the specific health and safety contact for each business record. These contacts not only know more about the products and services you provide, but they also have the overall buying power, making a sale for you more likely.

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Facilities Decision Maker Database

Through our specialist in house call centre, Impact Marketing have built an exclusive facilities decision maker data file. We hold and manage information and contact details on individuals with the overall buying power for their facilities division. This is therefore a one of a kind opportunity for your business.

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Exclusive Education Database

Through our specialist in house call centre, we have built an exclusive education database. This data list contains all schools, colleges and universities in the UK, with a decision maker for each individual record. This list is therefore a key tool which can be used to dramatically improve your marketing campaigns.

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Specialist Motorcycle Database

Impact Marketing own and have exclusive access to a unique motorcycle database. This is a UK wide database including details about the individual and the motorcycle they own.

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Specialist Tradesmen Database

One of the specialist data lists that we have built is an exclusive Tradesmen database. We have built and appended this database in-house allowing us to specifically target tradesmen using a number of marketing methods. This tradesmen database is an ideal tool that will dramatically increase your return on investment.

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