Database of Events Advertisers

As a Data Owner and Marketing Company with over 19 years’ experience, at Impact Marketing we have created a unique database of Events Advertisers.

This list was created using our in-house call centre. We called a list of corporate companies with 50+ employees, and established which of them attend 5 or more events per year as an advertiser with their own stand.

This has allowed us to create a highly targeted list of Events Advertisers, ideal for marketing leaflet/handout print, signage, personalised stationary ect. Showing a desire for hight cost marketing and advertising.

Each record is fully GDPR compliant and contactable via email and postal.

List field Selections

As a data owner, Impact Marketing are able to offer an array of field selections. Fields specially curated for this list are as follows;

  • Full Contact Name
  • Email Address
  • Full Postal Address
  • Type of Business
  • Number of Employees
  • Company Turnover

If you already own an existing prospect database, Impact Marketing offer a free deduplication process, ensuring each purchased record is new and unique for your business.

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    Data Quality

    All of our business databases are cleansed on a rolling basis. This has been made possible by our in-house data bureau. Running through the latest suppression files, bounce removals, plus many more. Before your data is output, each file purchased is also cleansed immediately prior to delivery.

    At Impact Marketing we have also developed a number of other highly targeted and specialist marketing databases that afford exceptional targeting and insight into your target audience.

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