SMS Marketing

Smartphone use is on the rise every year. This has presented companies with new challenges and opportunities alike to reach their target market through a number of newer marketing methods. This includes social media marketing and SMS marketing.

When your phone lights up with a new message or notification, you are drawn to it. Regardless of the message, it is natural to check what has come in and respond accordingly. Therefore, SMS marketing deployed in the right manner by ensuring your message is appropriately rendered will result in much higher response rates than other marketing channels. A well presented, professional SMS message promotes your business efficiently on a platform that is becoming increasingly favoured.

There are a number of different benefits that come with SMS marketing. Below we have listed a few.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • High open rates. As mentioned above, people are drawn to their phones when a new message comes in. Therefore, open rates on SMS messages are extremely high in comparison to other marketing channels.
  • Shorter Messages. Unlike email marketing, SMS messages have a certain number of characters available. This means all SMS messages are concise, to the point and exactly what the customer wants to read. This cuts out any excess material that can lose the interest of the reader if it is not what they were looking for.
  • Engagement. By the nature of the above ‘shorter messages’, this will lead to an increase of recipients engaging with links featuring in the message, thus encouraging traffic as well to more profound content.
  • Faster responses and customer interaction. Due to the nature of SMS messages, responses are much faster than other platforms. People check the message and decide how they want to respond almost instantly. Therefore, if you have a sale on, promoting via SMS will yield a higher response and more enquiries will come through in a short space of time.
  • Get people on the go. An advantage that SMS has over other marketing methods is delivering directly to the prospect’s mobile phone. If they are out of the office you will still get through to them and you do not have to wait for them to find a quiet moment to check their emails.
  • Easy Designs. SMS contains no images and are short, concise messages of text. Therefore, constructing the SMS message is a quick and easy process, meaning you can get your message out there faster.

SMS Marketing and Lead Nurturing

SMS marketing is an essential tool for lead nurturing campaigns. For prospects that have shown an interest in your products in an email campaign, following up with an SMS to these individuals helps build a relationship and trust. This helps move them further along their buying process, making a sale for you more likely when they are ready to buy.

An important factor that leads to a successful SMS campaign is the data that it is broadcast to. At Impact, we manage a number of specialist databases where mobile numbers are available. These have shown to be highly responsive in the past. When combined with well constructed, professional SMS messages, this will yield a higher ROI for your business.

Get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to advise on what works well in your industry. We understand how to make your budget work the best for you and deliver a positive ROI.