Email Marketing

At Impact Marketing we have been running a successful email marketing service for over 15 years. As data owners, we use our in house email data consisting of targeted individuals and businesses. All records are fully opted-in and cleansed regularly, resulting in successful campaigns.

This is a cost effective method of increasing traffic to your website, which naturally leads to more enquiries and therefore more sales.

With over 1 million business records, and over 4 million consumer records, Impact Marketing are able to drill down to your ideal audience. We also have a number of specialist databases that have an exceptional level of detail attached to each record, we help our customers achieve an excellent success rate for their campaign.

The process of our email marketing service is:

  • Create highly responsive and modern HTML designs
  • Write a subject line that will entice a recipient to open the email
  • Input strong calls to action throughout the email, leading to more views on your website
  • Spam test and check the email so it is more likely to land in an inbox
  • Broadcast to your target market using our in house data
  • Provide a full report 7 days after the campaign has gone live

As Impact Marketing own and manage a number of data lists, we are able to offer both business and consumer email marketing. Regardless of your target market, we can select and broadcast to a data list that is highly responsive which will result in a successful campaign.

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      Business Email Marketing

      If you come across a list of business email addresses at a price that sounds too good to be true, be wary. In the majority of cases, the individual contacts have not given their permission to be on these data lists. You must therefore always source your email marketing data lists from a reputable, well established data list owner.

      Consumer Email Marketing

      In today’s business world, buying a high quality consumer email data list has its challenges. Furthermore, unsolicited emails are prohibited under the ‘Privacy and Electronic Communications Act (EC Directive) 2003’. Therefore, it is imperative that you source a targeted email data list from a reputable and trustworthy source.