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The Importance of Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-Channel Marketing is a tried and tested marketing tool that is used across multiple industries. It yields highly positive results but what exactly is it? It is a practice of using multiple channels to market your business to your target market. This makes it easier to view your promotions as customers are able to view it on whichever platform is their preference.

Therefore, this allows you to cover more ground and achieve a higher level of engagement across the board.

Different Marketing Channels Available (To Name a Few):

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing

Direct marketing presents a number of different methods that you can use to reach your target audience. Marketing through multiple mediums at the same time means you appeal to more people’s preferences. For example, smartphone use is overtaking desktop use for emails, so sending mobile optimised emails as well as SMS messages gives you a higher chance of reaching this audience and ensuring they are more engaged with your message.

Benefits of Using Cross-Channel Marketing

There is no denying that cross-channel marketing is a successful marketing method that results in a higher ROI. Below we have listed some of the benefits that come with it (To name a few):

  • Reach a higher number of people. Through marketing on a number of different mediums, you cover more ground. If people do not respond to direct mail, they may be more responsive to social media advertising and you reach them through that medium instead. They have the benefit of being able to respond on their favoured platform.
  • More overall brand recognition. Advertising your business across multiple mediums means your name is out there in a higher density, making it more memorable and therefore, more likely to lead to sales.
  • Better Analysis. Cross-Channel Marketing allows you to record how your marketing is being received & perceived on different platforms. This in turn shows you how different demographics prefer to view their marketing. This vital analysis will help you with your future marketing campaigns while ensuring a positive ROI.


Cross-Channel Marketing is a proven method that gets your business in front of more people across a wide number of platforms. It will increase your overall brand presence in your market and give people the option to view on their favoured medium.

However, cross-channel marketing is not a simple process. As there are many moving parts, planning is imperative and it is key that you are able to co-ordinate it all at once.

At Impact Marketing, we run cross-channel marketing campaigns for an array of clients across a number of industries. Allowing us to work alongside you and run the campaign on your behalf will save you from having to dedicate extra resources or staff to the project and our experience will ensure the process is successful for you. Take a look at our services page to see more of what we offer.

Get in touch today and one of our team will happily give you more information about cross-channel marketing and how we can tailor it for your business.

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