Facilities Decision Maker File

Through our specialist in house call centre, Impact Marketing have built an exclusive facilities decision maker data file. We hold and manage information and contact details on individuals with the overall buying power for their facilities division. This is therefore a one of a kind opportunity for your business.

This data list is unavailable through any brokers or other data sellers. Each contact has been spoken to over the phone and opts in to receive information about products/services relevant to their industry.

These records contain the senior facilities decision maker for their respective company. Therefore, they understand your products/services more than a general decision maker/contact. This leads to higher quality leads, appointments and ultimately, sales for your business.

Selections available on this data file

  • Named facilities decision maker
  • Companies with either a single site or multiple sites
  • Telephone numbers
  • Personal email addresses
  • Turnover banding
  • Employee banding
  • And many more

We undertake regular cleansing of this file to maintain its exceptional quality and minimise any wastage. This will lead to you having a much higher return on your investment. Also, we only sell this data list to one company per industry. Due to the exclusive nature of this file, we take all steps to ensure it is not overused or mistreated.

As a result of this data list’s exclusivity, you will gain a considerable competitive advantage over your competition. You will have access to a highly accurate and responsive data list that has worked for many companies in the past.

Impact Marketing also own a number of other specialist data files. We pride ourselves on providing high quality data and marketing services.

Get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to talk through your marketing campaign with you and advise on what works best in your industry.