Sales & Telesales Training Services

At Impact Marketing our Sales Trainers have a huge amount of combined experience, across a wide range industries & products. We are able to customise our sessions in order to give your individual or team exactly what they need to succeed.

With more and more competition in today’s market, a competitive and highly motivated sales team is essential for every business. Here at Impact Marketing we have created several sales training programs designed to help companies and individuals learn essential selling skills. We are able to create bespoke sales training programs to help companies & individuals learn essential selling skills.

Sales Training Outline

At Impact Marketing we will compile a bespoke training package for your company, the essential selling skills course for your business.

When we are creating your bespoke sale course, we will first learn how your company works, functions and flows. We will learn what your product is, how it works and what problem it solves. Once we have understood what your product is and how your company functions, we will then create your tailored sales training courses, assessing your existing sales skills and statistics, and identifying areas of weakness and strength. We will assess whether your sales staff would benefit most from individual sales training or whether group sales training sessions are needed. We will prepare a sales or telesales training module to suit your needs.

Salesmen Vs Order Taker?

There are 4 main differences between a salesman and an order taker.

  • More Sales. A salesman will have a higher number of orders than an order taker due to their ability to sell to the customer. An order taker is reactive rather than proactive, and merely relays the smallest possible order for each client.
  • Higher Sales Value. A salesman will be able to sell the value of add-ons & Accessories, therefore increases the value of an order a significant amount.
  • Greater Repeat Business. A salesman that sells his product or service well, and looks after their customer will retain the business of their customer.
  • Less Complaints. Because the salesman had initially sold the product/service well, will find that far less complaints will come from their orders as customers know what to expect from the purchase.

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    Your Personalised Sales Training Course

    Before and during your Sales training courses, our expert will assess several areas of your team’s sales technique, skill and process and suggest areas of improvement. Some of these areas are listed here below;

    • Your Unique Selling Points, what makes you stand out from your competition? If you don’t have a clear answer to this question, then why should a prospect buy from you?
    • Clarify your Sales Process, is it working as well as it should? Will it grow or crumble? A sales process with a clear foundations is an excellent building block for your team.
    • Empathetic Negotiation Skills, is your pitch tailored to the individual in front of you, and personalised to their needs?
    • Up-selling and cross-selling, do you add value to your products/services with applicable extras?

    Impact Marketing is able to assess, report & train any number of sales people, regardless of the level they are at. If you are looking for your already polished to produce that illusive extra 10% of business, or if you’ve recently had to rebuild your team from scratch with none of your new team having any great experience, we can turn them into the team that will make you proud.

    Please feel free to call us on 0800 999 8030 or leave your details. One of our team will be happy to have a chat and work out the best Telesales Training or Sales Training Course for your needs.