Data Bureau

At Impact Marketing, our data bureau is at the core of our business, every aspect of what we do involves data. As such our data bureau has been in operation for over 20 years.

As a data owner holding over 200 million consumer records in the UK alone and more than 2 million business records, our data bureau is equipped to handle all your data needs, from standardization to appending and suppression.

With such vast quantities of data, we have developed in-depth methods to ensure our data performs at peak efficiency. Our data is processed, cleansed and validated on a monthly cycle. This has given us the opportunity to offer our data services to our customers at an exceptionally high standard for a competitive cost. Enquire below or call us on 0800 999 8030 for more information.

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    Data cleansing

    Data decays at a rate of roughly 30-40% per year, meaning after just 4 years, all of your data will be incorrect.

    With our live feeds and regular updates, we maintain an exceptionally high level of accuracy, allowing us to refresh your data and get it back up to scratch.

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    Data Validation

    If you’re running a telemarketing or Email marketing campaign, invalid contact details are costing you time and money.

    At Impact Marketing, we are able to validate your database of contact details, ensuring that the records you are contacting are live and working

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    Data Appending

    Want more information on your existing clients?

    Our data bureau can cross reference your database with our master database and append requested fields, from addresses, to telephone numbers, job titles to email addresses.

    Data Profiling

    Looking to market to new prospect, but not sure who to target?

    Data Profiling is the answer! Take your existing list and create a profile of your ideal customer.


    Duplicate records are the bane of marketers.

    Our in-house data bureau are able to quickly run simple to complex deduplication processes, whilst also being able to match poorly entered values.

    For More information, or for a free data audit, contact one of the team on 0800 999 8030.