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Reasons & Best Times to Telemarket

Advancements in technology have led to companies changing the way they market. In today’s business climate, digital marketing is bigger than ever with social media and email marketing being two stand out examples. This may lead you to ask yourself ‘Why should I telemarket?’. Despite the digital age, this does not mean that other methods of direct marketing such as telemarketing should be forgotten. In fact, it should be the contrary and telemarketing should still be a key part of your marketing strategy.

Telemarketing is still to this day, yielding impressive returns for businesses. In previous posts, we discuss the human element and the pivotal role it plays as well as giving some helpful tips on how you can improve your telemarketing.

In this post, we identify when & why you should telemarket. Performance and results are influenced by numerous factors and any marketing channel should align with and complement your overall marketing strategy.


Outsourcing is a common practice in a wide range of business activities. This is also common with telemarketing. There are many dedicated telemarketing companies in the UK with trained staff who will undertake calling on your behalf. While it is fair to say that no one knows your business better than you and your staff, that does not necessarily mean that your team will generate a more successful telemarketing campaign. There are many variables that will come into play and determine the success or failure of any campaign irrespective of the delivery.

Dedicated telemarketing companies train their staff to very high standards. Also, they have years of telemarketing & data experience that your in-house staff may lack. This helps them generate more leads and appointments for your business. They ask questions that will qualify the lead so you are only given leads that are ideal for your business. They work from well written scripts that are engaging and not too long, so as not to bore the listener. This ideal partnership will allow you and your team to concentrate on what you do best, sell your business to qualified, interested parties.

Outsourcing to a dedicated telemarketing company is therefore a highly successful marketing method. It allows you to focus on your core business activities knowing that your marketing is in good hands. It can also work out as a more cost effective option than leaving it to your in-house staff.

Relationship & Rapport Building

One of the main advantages that telemarketing has over other marketing methods is rapport. Speaking to an individual over the phone creates a stronger relationship than any other marketing channel. Your prospects do not have to sit and read and can engage in a conversation about their/ their business’ needs. They are able to ask questions and receive an immediate answer. This also creates trust and familiarity.

A high quality telemarketing pitch leaves a prospect more confident in your business. The script can be tailored to that individual’s specific needs. This is unlike other marketing communications where the same message goes to everyone. The way the message is promoted also has a large influence. A well trained caller does not speak in a monotone, boring voice. They are engaging and encourage response which not only makes the listener more comfortable, but also more interested in what you are saying.

These also help in building a relationship. Through telemarketing you have an actual conversation with someone. This will also be more effective in building rapport and will compliment any other marketing activities such as the sharing of written materials. Being able to put a voice/person to the company you are potentially looking at and considering plays a huge role in the buying process.

The Most Effective Time To Telemarket

Marketing varies across different industries. Different marketing methods work better in different industries. However, through providing telemarketing and a number of other marketing services for many years, we have learned a lot.

A common trend we find works more effectively than most is to telemarket following an email campaign. An email campaign works as a great introduction to your company and the products/services you provide. Through tracking, we are able to see who interacts and engages with your email. Telemarketing to these specific individuals has a much greater chance of generating leads and appointments for your business. They have already shown interest by interacting through the email.

Through telemarketing, a highly trained and skilled telemarketer can then answer any questions the prospect may have and provide some additional information not on the email. It is key that this telemarketing happens shortly after the email campaign. Leaving too much time will lead to the person either forgetting about the email or going somewhere else to purchase. Calling a prospect while the lead is ‘warm’ gives a higher chance of the call converting into a lead/appointment and prevent it from going ‘cold’.

As such, unlike historical methods of cold calling on its own without making use of other channels where specific times of the day are proven to be more effective to successful engagement. This cross-channel methodology removes this ‘time’ barrier, allowing you a much wider, more targeted and warmer approach both in terms of actual timing and engagement.

Working with your marketing strategy

Telemarketing, as with any form of marketing, must fit in and complement your overall strategy. If you currently undertake email marketing, social media marketing etc. consider adding telemarketing into the mix. Connecting with prospects on multiple fronts increases response rates and brand awareness. This is known as Cross-Channel Marketing which we address in-depth in another post. Different people are move receptive to different mediums. So if you think telemarketing is perhaps a thing of the past, this is simply not the case.

As mentioned above, we find that telemarketing yields the best results following an email campaign. Consider adding this is into your marketing strategy if you do not already. You may find that the number of leads/ appointments generated will be higher than you were expecting.

Data Cleansing and Building

Data cleansing is key for any business that holds data. It is vital that you contact the right person at the right business at the right address. Furthermore, with the GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, consumer data laws are going to change. Companies will need to do more to show their compliance and change the way they opt consumers into their lists.

Therefore, it is becoming even more important that companies regularly cleanse their data. If you regularly telemarket, your callers can cleanse records more often, ensuring your data is always up to date and compliant.


Telemarketing is by no means a thing of the past. The human element involved distinguishes it from other marketing methods and ultimately, people enjoy being able to speak to someone from a business and not receive a robotic service. This is crucial in building a relationship and trust with your prospects.

Therefore, it should be a part of your marketing strategy as it can yield highly lucrative returns. It can complement your existing marketing while giving it a new dimension. In an increasingly digital world, high quality telemarketing can help you stand out from your competition.

Impact Marketing have been providing both business and consumer telemarketing services for our clients for many years. Our team can work with your existing marketing strategy or recommend a course of action if you are new to it all. It is our goal to see your marketing succeed and grow your business. We use our experience and skills to help you with this.

Get in touch today for more information about our telemarketing services and how our in-house telemarketing team can generate high quality leads and appointments for your business.

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