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Marketing Advice for Beginners

For new companies or for those who do not regularly undertake marketing, it can be a somewhat daunting process. There has never been a greater number of marketing avenues for businesses, both digital and traditional. Therefore, we have put together some marketing advice for beginners.

As marketing is a crucial business process which increases brand awareness, credibility and sales, going about it in the right way will ensure your business does not waste crucial, limited resources. When budgets are limited, investing in the most appropriate methods will ensure you receive the largest returns.

In this post, we will advise on some of the most important things to consider before you undertake any marketing. This will give you a clearer insight into the best way to move forward for your business.

Conduct Research and Devise a Marketing Plan

As mentioned above, there is a great variety of marketing methods to utilise now. However, this does not mean you should invest in every single one. Spreading out a limited budget on as many marketing avenues as possible is a potential waste of many resources. Not to mention the results, if any, will be extremely diluted. No single method will be given enough resources to truly flourish. Furthermore, the planning and management of this many methods will be too much for a new business to handle all by themselves.

We advise businesses to deploy multiple marketing strategies. However, research is key in deciding which ones.

In order to ascertain your best route, undertake thorough market research prior to any marketing. Not only will this give you crucial insights into your target market, but it will also tell you about how the industry currently markets. This will show you what works for similar companies and how your prospects prefer to receive their marketing. While research takes time, what it gives back to you is essential and helps save on your budgets and ultimately, make money down the line. It will help you structure a marketing plan which you can use moving forward. Having a plan in place provides structure which is vital.

As new technologies and techniques come out regularly, one of strongest pieces of marketing advice we can give you is to research regularly. Keep on top of any new developments to ensure you do not fall behind. This allows you to utilise new marketing avenues that will give your business the greatest exposure. This will also help you keep on top of any new entrants into the market that will also be looking to target your prospects and how they are going about it.

Provide Content that Stands Out

Previously, we have written about content marketing in greater detail. People today look to businesses for more than just the products/services they provide. Providing extra value through content is both a cost effective and highly efficient way of winning business. Writing about current topics in your industry, company news, a new product etc is interesting for prospects. For new businesses, content writing can really help boost brand awareness in the early stages.

Companies that regularly produce content are seen as more reputable and trustworthy by prospects. Effective writing means the content is engaging to read through, with subtle calls to action throughout that encourage an individual to take it further. Furthermore, you shed light on topics that they may find confusing. This in turn helps increase an individual’s trust in your company.

Companies have realised the growth potentials that come with effective content. Furthermore, if you undertake any form of SEO, content helps on this front as well. Therefore, in order to see greater returns, write content that truly stands out. Writing about the same topics as everyone else with no particular difference in writing will not be outstanding in the eyes of the prospect. Presenting something different makes a fresh change and helps you stand out.

In most cases, this avoids what experts refer to as ‘Content Shock’. The premise of this is simple: as the supple of content increases, the cost of competing through content also increases. It may become so expensive to compete with content that the strategy may be inaccessible for some businesses eventually. In such cases, make your content different from the industry standard or your competition.

It may be easier in this case to outsource the content writing to a marketing professional who knows how to make your company stand out.

Ensure you Have an Online Presence

It seems like such an obvious thing nowadays, however, there are still businesses out there without a website, or one that is up to date and/or modern enough. Before someone purchases from you, they will more often than not, research further into your business. In fact, research suggests that most companies will only start verbally engaging with a potential supplier when they are around 57% of the way through their buying cycle. Before this, they conduct research (mostly online) on the product/service they believe they need and satisfy themselves on potentially trustworthy suppliers. During this period, your potential content will be key in establishing your company as thought leaders in your field.

Therefore, to not have a website, or a presence on social media sites, makes it unlikely that someone will buy from you. When someone can’t find out more information about you, their trust levels in your business will be much lower.

Having a presence online is essential in today’s business world. A well designed, easy to navigate website ensures visitors have a pleasant user experience when visiting your site. When they can learn more about your business, they are more likely to get in touch or purchase from you. Furthermore, for any marketing you undertake, you can direct people to your website via calls to action on your marketing materials.


For your marketing to see the greatest returns, you need to be marketing to the right people/businesses. This is where data is such a valuable marketing tool for both new enterprises and established businesses. Through data, you can refine and specifically target prospects who are ideally suited to your business. Data also works to your specific budget, making it an affordable option. This also helps save on your budgets by not marketing to a mass audience, some of whom may have an interest or be suited to your business model.

Once you identify a data list that is perfect for your business, it can be used in your marketing campaigns. Depending on the contact methods available, you may be able to undertake highly targeted email marketing, direct mail, SMS marketing etc. This will greatly increase your brand awareness which for new enterprises, is essential for both survival and growth. Data is one of the most important pieces of marketing advice we can give you as we understand just how lucrative and responsive it can be when targeted correctly.


Marketing is such a broad and varied discipline. As there are so many different elements to a successful marketing campaign, there is much more marketing advice we can provide you. What we have found on a consistent basis is that marketing works best when undertaken on a long term basis. Building trust and awareness takes time. A single, one-off campaign will not achieve the desired results.

In order to best understand your specific situation and understand what you need help with, get in touch today. A member of our team will take the time to learn about your business and what you are aiming to achieve. From here, we are able to give you specific marketing advice, tailored for your business.

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