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The Lasting Impact of Promotional Products

Promotional products are a very popular marketing tool across multiple industries and have been for many years. In short, they are items such as pens, notebooks, key rings and the most weird and wonderful etc… with company branding on the design. When you go to a trade show, it is common for companies to give out free products to visitors. While this brings a novelty of receiving a free gift, it also leaves a strong and lasting impression on the company.

Through working in the marketing industry for many years, we see how new trends and patterns emerge and perform. Promotional products, like many marketing services have adapted and evolved over the years. This has not only kept them relevant, but also more memorable and effective.

In this post, we look into promotional products further and explain the effect they have on businesses that receive them. They are a useful and fun marketing channel that can help drive new sales and increase your brand recognition. Not to mention, people love free stuff! Almost 90% of people have a promotional product from another company on their desk at work. This incredible statistic shows just how useful this channel is for brand awareness and building.

Tangible, Creative Goods

One of the main factors that distinguishes promotional products from other forms of marketing is their tangibility. You are able to hold and interact with a promotional product. This is similar to direct mail as the physical aspect of it makes it more memorable. You spend more time looking at a product than you would one of many emails sitting in your inbox for example.

In fact, some leading companies in the industry would suggest that promotional products make almost 6 times as many recipients feel appreciated than the mediums of Print, Web, Direct Mail, TV, you can’t really argue with this can you?

Promotional products can also be somewhat of a novelty. Companies have spent more time thinking outside of the box when it comes to their promotion. Free products aren’t just simply pens now. There is an ever increasing range of products available that can have your branding imprinted onto them. When you visit a trade show nowadays, the products at a companies’ trade stand are much more creative. This helps them stick out and gain more visitors at their stand.

These products stick in your mind and therefore, help you remember the company when you look at the product. Its also quite fun to pick up a bunch of free products that are also useful in your day to day job.

Some examples of newer, more creative promotional products include:

  • Juggling Balls
  • Glassware
  • Lint Rollers
  • Letter Openers
  • Headphones

Useful Goods

Promotional products are not merely for use within the workplace. Companies realised that many promotional products are kept, used at home, or passed onto friends. Over half of free promotional products are kept for more than a year. Therefore, companies have adapted their range to include products you could use anywhere. All the while, their company logo is imprinted on what is a genuinely useful product.

This gives your company much greater exposure. Your brand is being seen by more people. They may also find your products of use to them and get in touch purely as a result of seeing your promotional merchandise. Many promotional products are also used in the office on a daily basis. Your company logo is on display all the time in different offices. This plays both a huge role when a company has needs of your products/services. You will be one of the first, if not the first, company they will contact. This makes a sale for you much more likely.

Lasting Impression

Above all else, promotional goods leave a positive and lasting impression on the person receiving them. They are often free so people are more than happy to receive one. While the financial outlay may be higher than other forms of marketing, the time spent interacting with promotional products is much higher than time spent looking at an email.

Take free pens and mugs as an example. These are common in an office environment as there is always a need for them. When a need arises that the promotional company could provide, you automatically think of this company first as a result of using the pen in the office on a daily basis.

More out of the box products stick in the mind as they are not as commonly found. Trade shows are becoming increasingly stocked with more creative products as these have a much stronger impression on the individuals who take them.


Promotional products are a crucial avenue for your business’ marketing. Their tangibility and creativity really helps them stand out. Roughly 3 quarters of promotional products are kept. This can be vital for your brand awareness and sales as your company sticks in the mind of the potential buyer.

Impact Marketing offer a design service where we can help assist with the designing of your products. Furthermore, through strategic partnerships and alliances, we are able to provide these products to your business.

If you would like more information about our marketing services, get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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