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The Return of Direct Mail

It is fair to say that in recent years, digital marketing methods have progressed further and further. As a result, direct mail has slid down the pecking order. New marketing techniques such as social media and SMS took over.

However recently, figures from the Direct Marketing Association have shown that direct mail is on the increase once again. More ‘traditional’ marketing methods such as these are showing that they are not just a thing of the past. In fact, they are still a key piece to the marketing mix and below we have outlined 3 key reasons why direct mail is making a comeback.

Too Many Emails?

If your marketing is to be successful, it is key that your business stands out. Years ago, sending a direct mail campaign would not have had this effect as it was one of the most common marketing methods. However, the norm nowadays is to go for digital marketing. Sending out a printed, high quality design therefore makes you stand out from your competition and makes you more memorable than one of the many emails in their inbox.

Email marketing is an affordable and effective marketing channel. It has shown time and time again that it can provide positive results. However, the issue arises that so many people just do not check their emails. Many get deleted straight away without being read, meaning genuine marketing offers and news are not given a proper chance. Unfortunately, many emails are not targeted and unsegmented, meaning you get emails that you have no interest in.

That said, it is key when choosing your marketing channels that you get a good understanding of your target audience. Although direct mail is on the rise again and email marketing is constantly performing, none of these will matter if you do not accurately select data and deploy the right approach.

With this being the case, there is less competition out there for direct mail. When a professionally designed, well printed leaflet comes through your letterbox, you give it more attention than an email. It is therefore now a great way to stand out from your competition. Furthermore, you create more memorable marketing materials that will eventually lead to enquiries and sales. Open rates on direct mail campaigns are much higher than emails.


A factor that is key in a marketing campaign’s success is personalisation. Addressing a person by their name gives your message an extra dimension. Through technological advancements, personalisation is easier than ever in direct mail campaigns.

This is more engaging for the recipient because not only do they receive a high quality printed design, but it is also addressed specifically to them. Therefore, they feel more effort has gone into the message, making them more likely to engage and respond. As it is something they can hold and look through, unlike an email, it yields a higher response rate. It may seem like a small difference but its effect its undeniable.

Nostalgic Appeal

One of the main advantages that direct mail has over digital media is the physical aspect of it. Unlike an email or a social media post, a mailing house design is printed. This again comes back to remembrance. It goes further than an email by having a higher level of interaction. This is more nostalgic as people have come to expect emails as the norm. It makes a welcome change which leads to higher results.


Overall, it can be seen that direct mail is on the rise again. It yields higher open rates through producing physical copies of high quality designs. These help your target market remember your brand and make you stand out from your competition. In a world of digital marketing, traditional marketing is not letting itself be pushed out.

As with any marketing campaign, a highly accurate and up to date data list is key to its success. At Impact Marketing, we own and manage a number of different data lists. We also have a mailing house so we can manage a highly responsive direct mail campaign for you that will set you aside from your competition and create lasting promotional materials that your target market will remember.

Get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your marketing requirements with you.

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