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Direct Mail – 4 Tips for Getting Positive Results

For some companies, direct mail is a thing of the past and the emphasis is now on digital marketing. This does not mean that direct mail does not work. In fact, it is a highly responsive marketing channel when managed effectively. Having a leaflet to look through can sometimes be a much more responsive method than 1 of many emails sitting in an inbox. In a previous post, we explore this further and how print is making a comeback.

That being said, there are still a number of factors that need to be managed properly in order for a direct mail campaign to succeed. In this post, we use our knowledge and years of experience to provide a number of tips on what you can do to ensure your next direct mail campaign performs to its highest level. We want your marketing material to stand out and catch the eye of your prospects when they look their morning post.

Designs That Have THE Impact

Nowadays, direct mail is not as commonly utilised as other marketing methods. As a result, it is easier to stand out from your competitors. This is not something that email marketing or social media marketing can boast as easily. Nevertheless, the design of all marketing material is paramount. It needs to stick out amongst the letters or any other leaflets in the post pile and for the right reasons.

Professionally designed marketing material grabs your eye. Use of images, fonts, colours etc all play a key role. Not only does this grab the attention of the recipient, buy it also makes them more likely to get in touch. They have spent more time looking at your marketing material than a random email they receive for example. This also makes it more memorable which helps when they are ready to purchase or getting them to that stage.

Therefore, do not be afraid to push the boundaries, be creative by making it fun and engaging based on your knowledge of your typical audience.

High Quality Printed Material

Similar to design is the quality of the marketing material. A leaflet/poster etc that is of high quality shows when you handle it. Looking at it or through it becomes more of a pleasant experience and shows professionalism. You’ll find that high quality marketing materials or ones whose design is fantastic stick in your memory, meaning you are more likely to absorb the message and take action. This is the same for your prospects. The key to high quality is finding a reputable mailing house. Have a look at their previous works or samples to get more of an idea about the quality of their work and base your purchasing decision on this.

Written Content That Adds Value

The design and quality of the marketing material is not enough on its own as you may have guessed. Any written content included must be relevant, enticing and not too long. You still only have a short window to grab someone’s attention. Therefore, a long wordy leaflet will not perform very well as it can bore the reader. Consider including a discount offer in your mailer to further entice prospects to get in touch with you. This will also help monitor the success of your campaign as you can match any sales with the discount code.

Less text is better as it leaves the reader wanting to find out more. They are more likely to either call you or visit your website for more information. A well written marketing message is one of the key parts of the success of a campaign. If writing in marketing language is not your strong suit, Impact Marketing can help with all aspects of design and content on your direct mail campaign.

Targeted, Accurate Data

For any marketing campaign to succeed, the data being used must be of the highest quality. You need to be mailing to the correct person at the correct address. If you were to receive a leaflet addressed to someone who owned the house before you, its highly likely you’ll switch off instantly and bin the leaflet.

Not only must the data be correct, but the targeting must be accurate. Your direct mail campaign must be sent to your ideal demographics. These are the people who are more likely to be interested in your products/services. A data and marketing company can help you identify and select your demographics to maximise the potential ROI of the campaign. If you are 25 years old, a leaflet about walking sticks is not going to be up your alley!

Personalisation is also key as a leaflet addressed to you specifically will grab your attention. On the other hand, a marketing letter addressed to ‘The Occupier’ is generic and this approach rarely works. Personalisation is a tried and tested method that works across multiple marketing platforms. It is the same story with email marketing. A subject line that has your name in it is more likely to be opened and given more time.

It is therefore imperative that you choose a data company that are reputable, experienced and have highly accurate data. Without accurate data, you will fall at the first hurdle.


Direct mail is still a highly effective marketing method. Having a physical design that can be handled by your target market distinguishes it from its digital rivals. However, the design of the marketing material must be of high quality so it stands out and grabs attention.

The data used is crucial and it must be highly accurate and up to date. Sending to the wrong person at the wrong address will only result in a failed campaign and a negative image of your company.

At Impact, we own and manage a number of different data lists. These are managed in house and cleansed on a regular basis to maintain their exceptional quality. Combined with our mailing house services, we can design, print and mail your campaign and ensure a positive ROI.

Get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to tell you more about our marketing services.

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