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Business Insurance Marketing Campaigns

Impact Marketing have been providing marketing solutions for many clients across multiple sectors for many years. With this experience in many sectors, we have a wide knowledge base. This has helped us improve the service we are able to provide to our clients. One particular sector which we have seen highly positive results in recently is Business Insurance.

The insurance industry is highly competitive. There are many rival companies out there competing for the same prospects as yourselves. Therefore, it is key that you stand head and shoulders above the rest in their eyes. A key way to accomplish this is through highly targeted marketing campaigns. Building brand awareness and trust with your prospects is imperative for the growth of your company.

In this post, we give you some insight into what is working successfully for our clients within your industry. Our marketing solutions and skilled team allow us to run marketing campaigns that yield highly positive results. If you provide business insurance, this post will give you some helpful tips and advice which you can implement in your next lead generation campaign.

Cross Channel Marketing

In a previous post, we address cross channel marketing further. In essence, it is a process of using multiple marketing platforms to reach your prospects. This therefore has the benefit of giving people the opportunity to view your marketing materials on their preferred medium. This flexibility leads to higher levels of engagement and ultimately, a more positive ROI.

This is also a marketing solution we find works very well in Business insurance campaigns. Combining email marketing with a follow up telemarketing call is a highly effective method of engagement. Businesses show an initial interest by clicking on the email. We follow it up with a call from our dedicated in-house call centre and convert the prospect into a lead by capturing relevant details in relation to specific types of insurance. This is a tried and tested marketing solution that will not only increase your brand awareness, but also your prospect list.

Lead Nurturing

In order for a prospect to buy from your company, they need to trust and have confidence in you and your services. A highly effective process of achieving this is ‘lead nurturing‘. Once again, we explore this in more detail in another post. Through lead nurturing, you market to your prospects on an ongoing basis, while providing new and exclusive content with each marketing message. This leads to a prospect trusting you more as they learn more about the company and the services on offer. This therefore allows for familiarity to build up to the point of action.

As mentioned above, there are many insurance companies in the UK. Lead nurturing is therefore a key way to distinguish your company from the others. Leads that are nurtured are more likely to become clients as they trust the business more and have confidence in the services. Through our experience, a successful business insurance marketing campaign comprises of well managed lead nurturing by means of engagement through targeted and relevant content carefully timed. In an industry as competitive as insurance, going an extra step for your prospects will make you stand out.

Highly Accurate Business Data

As with any direct marketing campaign, the data being used must be of the highest quality. When undertaking an insurance campaign, you must be connecting with the correct contact with the overall purchasing decision for that business. All data must be cleansed on a regular basis to maximise its chance of success.

If you call the wrong contact at the wrong business at the wrong address, the campaign will fall flat on its face. Impact Marketing own a number of different business data lists that have been key in many successful campaigns. When used on a business insurance campaign, it generates high numbers of leads. Combined with our specialist email marketing services, this performs at a much higher rate than your current supplier.


Through providing business insurance lead generation campaigns for our clients for many years, we believe cross-channel marketing is one of the most effective tools that will result in a positive campaign. Marketing through multiple marketing avenues maximises exposure and brand awareness. This leads to more enquiries and eventually, more clients.

Of course marketing is not a ‘one size fits all’ concept so it is imperative to learn your business. It is important to understand your exact target audience and what you have tried in the past. As a result, we can build a highly targeted strategy that will work for your business and your budget.

We want you to stand out from your competition and win you more business. Impact Marketing own and manage an exclusive business data list that can be used to target your ideal audience. This has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool when combined with our specialist email marketing and telemarketing services.

Get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to tell you more about our experience with business insurance marketing campaigns.

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