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Why Mobile Marketing is Essential

In recent years, marketing has evolved and mobile marketing has become a big player. While traditional marketing methods such as direct mail are still highly effective, companies have recognised the potential that comes with mobile. Marketing strategies have altered to include more mobile marketing. Statistics show there are over 50 million smartphones in the UK alone!

Nowadays, people use their phones for almost everything. From checking social media, to writing emails to watching videos on YouTube, mobile marketing presents multiple opportunities for businesses to build brand awareness and increase sales. As it is so convenient to use your smartphone for almost everything, companies recognise the need to undertake mobile marketing. Your marketing materials goes directly into the hands of your ideal prospect.

In this post, we will go into this further and explain how you can utilise different marketing methods effectively on a mobile platform. This will ensure your business still connects with your prospects, but on more popular platforms that will gain more traffic. It will allow you to put together a mobile marketing strategy that will give your business the greatest exposure and therefore, a higher return on investment.

Responsive Emails Perform Higher

There is no denying that email marketing is still a highly effective marketing method. When combined with highly targeted marketing data, email marketing can yield impressive results for businesses. However, more and more emails are now being opened on a phone, as opposed to a desktop computer. Research has found that over 50% of all email opens now happen through a mobile device. This figure cannot be ignored by marketers.

For an email to be effective, it needs to be responsive. We cover this in greater detail in another post. However, in short a responsive email design re-sizes to the screen it is being viewed on. As mobile accounts for such a large % of openers nowadays, any email designs you have must appear correctly on the smaller, mobile screens. Having an unresponsive design on a mobile screen will lead to a messy layout, with text being too small, columns not lining up correctly etc. When you receive an email like this, it is rare that you would interact with it as it comes across as an unprofessional mess. The design is crucial, as such it must also be built so that it responds to mobile devices.

Content Marketing

Previously we have written about the rise of content marketing in recent years. Before an individual makes a purchase, they will first research into potential suppliers, which type of product or service is better etc. This is where content can really make your business stand out. As mobile use is so common nowadays, a lot of people will conduct research on their phone. It is crucial that you have content readily available to read in a mobile friendly format. This will ensure that you do not miss out on potential business as you still appear on a favoured platform. The smaller screen of a mobile means that the display focuses on the text. Therefore, do not worry as much about the visuals. Focus instead on the quality of the writing as this is what will make the difference when someone conducts their research.

Furthermore with YouTube and video content on the rise, consider adding this to your mobile marketing strategy. Video is a memorable format that can promote your business in an entertaining way. Videos are often shared and discussed withing peer groups and on social media. This gives you fantastic potential for exposure and growth. We discuss this further in another post.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is huge. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc leading the way, companies have the opportunity to promote themselves through these websites. They are also commonly used on mobile devices, with apps available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Social media marketing can be a highly lucrative avenue for businesses. As almost everyone is on some form of social media, marketing through this format can have high interaction rates. Snapchat for example is an app and is only available on mobile. This has seen a huge rise in ad spend as companies try to make an impact through this social media app. With so many users on the app, it presents a fantastic opportunity for brand awareness.

It is very common for people to check social media on their phone as well. Scrolling aimlessly through Facebook or Twitter is unfortunately becoming the norm for people. Therefore, including social media as part of your mobile marketing strategy is crucial for marketing success. This will ensure your promoted posts/adverts appear on the timelines of your prospects in a format that they commonly use. Also, if you do not already have one, create a company page on these sites so that you have a permanent presence. Update it regularly with news about your company and industry and this will greatly increase your brand awareness.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing can be a highly effective marketing tool. They include a short, to the point message including a call to action. The focus with SMS is on the writing as you are not able to include a visual design in an SMS message. Copywriting will be short due to character limitations but will have high impact and include a call to action. They often have very high open rates as to be blunt, people can’t help but check their phones when it lights up! Therefore, the brand awareness benefits that come with SMS are fantastic. Providing you have a data list available which also has mobile numbers, SMS marketing presents a great opportunity for businesses.


Mobile marketing is huge in the UK and will only continue to grow further in the coming years. People love their phones and spend hours on them everyday so businesses need to ensure they include mobile marketing in their overall strategy. This will ensure you do not fall behind from your competition and are able to present your business in a favoured medium.

With GDPR coming into effect very soon, ensure that any personal data you hold is compliant, before you undertake any marketing using it. This will also ensure that the data is up to date, leading to more deliveries and ultimately, more interaction with your target market.

As Impact Marketing are a full marketing agency, we offer a variety of different marketing services, including those listed above. We are able to put together a bespoke marketing solution that includes mobile marketing methods. This will give you crucial brand awareness through an increasingly popular platform.

If you would like more information, get in touch today and a member of the team will be happy to advise further.

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