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Email Marketing Tips for Responsive Campaigns

Impact Marketing Europe exists to improve the results from our client’s email marketing campaigns. If you are planning a marketing campaign and would like to discuss potential strategies, or if you’ve designed a HTML and would like a second opinion and information about broadcasting options, get in touch for unbiased and professional advice. We have managed many successful email marketing campaigns for our clients and continue to do so today. We want to help you improve the results of your marketing campaigns and have written 5 top email marketing tips to help you do so.

Have you tried email marketing in the past but it was unsuccessful? This can be due to poor quality data. At Impact Marketing our data is constantly put through a series of cleansing cycles. This ensures that your emails are delivered to individuals/businesses that will be interested in your product/service. We offer a full email marketing service from; designing your HTML from scratch (if required), to selecting the data that your email will be broadcast to and full campaign reporting after the broadcast giving statistics on the number of openers and clicks.

Below are 5 top email marketing tips that will help you achieve email marketing success:

1. Avoid Spam Filters

One of the biggest challenges faced by email marketers is working out how to land emails into the inboxes of major internet service providers (ISP’s) while avoiding spam filters. ISP’s use advanced filters to decipher emails. Unfortunately, this can often filter out legitimate emails in error.

Spam checking involves a highly in-depth analysis of your HTML. This includes looking at; the images to text ratio, cleanliness of HTML coding, subject line composition etc. After this, your HTML has a spam score attached to it, indicating how likely it is to land in your ideal customer’s inbox. A higher spam score means the email is more likely to land in a recipient’s junk box or even blocked.

We suggest that before you send your email campaign, test it in different ISPs first. A campaign that triggers spam filters will not only waste your time and money. Consequently it can permanently damage your sending IP address and domain reputation and even lead to you becoming blacklisted.

We specialise in building optimised HTMLs, designed and tested for high inbox deliverability. Our email campaign management includes HTML validation and spam score analysis to ensure your emails are clean and optimised whether it is a consumer or business campaign. If your spam score is a cause for concern, we will advise on changes. We are happy to make as many changes as necessary to ensure a low score and high deliverability.

2. Primary Objective of your Email Marketing

The primary objective of an email marketing campaign is to deliver targeted traffic to a specific web page. Consider your email to be a vital stepping stone between you and your customers.

Keep your message focused on your objective(s) by using:

  • Clear and simple language
  • Obvious links and
  • Quality graphics.

This will encourage users to engage with your email, and click through onto your site.

The call to action should always be positioned so recipients are drawn to it as soon as they open your email. To improve response rates from your email marketing campaign, make it easy for your customers to interact with your email so you will improve your open and click-through rates.

3. Email Marketing Subject Line Strategy

Your subject line is crucial. It is just as important as your creative design and your email data lists. Your subject line is the first thing a customer will see and is often the reason why a recipient either opens or deletes your email.

Your subject line must be relevant to the content of your email. So based on our experience we recommend asking a question or stating something that makes the reader stop and think. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself what would encourage you to open the email. However be careful not to include words, phrases or characters that trigger spam filters. ISPs look at your subject line when analyzing your email.

4. Build Longer and Stronger Relationships Through Email Marketing

People are rarely willing to share their information for free. So building an email marketing list via a website sign-up usually requires some form of incentive; a free trial, discounts, voucher codes, privileges etc. When utilized properly, email marketing can generate sales far cheaper than other marketing channels.

The key to making this relationship work is ensuring your recipients only receive relevant content they enjoy and offers value. Ensure not to email them too much that it then becomes annoying and encourages them to unsubscribe. This will also run the risk of your emails being classified as spam affecting your future email broadcasts.

Impact Marketing’s email marketing platform provides detailed analysis and reports based on individual user activity. By using segmentation and behavioral targeting your customers/prospects can receive marketing offers tailored specifically to them. This results in more responsive email marketing campaigns and therefore improved customer retention.

5. Buying Opt-In Email Data Lists for your Email Marketing

Buying email address lists for your own email marketing requires very careful consideration. It is against the law in the UK to send unsolicited commercial emails to an individual. The legal responsibility lies with the sender of the email message, not the data supplier.

Email Service Providers block email messages from blacklisted senders. If you are flagged for spam and your IP Address is blacklisted, your business’s ability to communicate by email will be severely affected while lowering your ROI.

If a data controller is suspected of spam, it’s likely their ISP will suspend their hosting without warning. So the significance of buying a genuine email list goes beyond its’ marketing potential. Spam also has a negative effect on a business’s reputation.

 Why Impact Marketing

Impact Marketing Europe provides both consumer and business email lists and fully managed email broadcasting services. We follow the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act and the Data Protection Act. Therefore, we can manage and broadcast your email marketing campaign via our platform.

Please get in touch to discuss your next email marketing campaign or email list requirements and we will be happy to help discuss the best email campaign options for you.

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